Pinhole Master is a light meter and exposure timer for pinhole photographers, or anybody else photographing with long exposures. Use your iPhone/iPad camera to determine the light level (Exposure Value). Tap on the preview display to localise a reading then fine tune the result with the slider. Alternatively insert a Lumu device for incident light measurement or enter an EV measurement manually.

Maintain a library of cameras you own and films/papers you use, together with optional fully customisable reciprocity failure compensation. Tap to hold a light reading for when you’re ready to make the exposure, if desired. Then tap on Start Timer at the same time as you begin your exposure. A record of all settings used along with the preview image is automatically written to a log for future reference.

Features include:

Supports apertures from f/1 to f/999, Exposure Index (ISO) from 1 to 9999

Fast and accurate EV readings displayed to one decimal place or thirds (computed as 64-bit internally)

Calibrate your device camera sensitivity in Settings with minimum and maximum EV levels to avoid bogus readings, especially in low light

Preview overlays of the EV level and camera/film parameters (which can be turned off in Settings)

Support for filters with filter factor up to 64 (6 stops)

Film/paper-specific reciprocity failure compensation from your own testing, manufacturer specifications or measurements you’ve found on the web

Sophisticated smoothed interpolation used in determining the compensated exposure time

Coordinates of your capture written to the log, along with a map of the location

Judicious use of GPS to conserve battery life

A modern user interface designed for efficient use in the field

Support for Lumu for precise incident light measurement

Pinhole Master can help you easily master pinhole photography!

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Privacy Policy:

Bitware Australia does not collect, use or have access to any Personal Data from Pinhole Master or Pinhole Zone. All settings and data remain on your device, or backups you may make.

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